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UGLY by nature

UGLY by nature is an American brand providing the range of all-natural, Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free toothpastes. UGLY by nature committed to you and your family's well being first. That’s why toothpastes don’t contain Fluoride, Sodium Sulfates, Parabens, Artificial Colors, Preservatives, Foaming Agents, Thickening Agents, Stabilizers, Artificial Sweeteners, Glycerin, Gluten and/or GMOs. All of UGLY by nature toothpastes are amazingly refreshing, leaving your teeth whiter and your mouth feeling cleaner than ever. The UGLY by nature toothpastes may not be the prettiest given their signature silvery gray color, but that’s what occurred upon formulation. There is no any dyes or titanium dioxide used to create a white colored toothpaste. 

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